Scroll down to view the full presentations from the Heart Failure Congress 2019.


Day 1 presentations:

State of the Nation of HF

Prof Simon Stewart

Transcatheter Mitral-Valve Repair

Prof Gregg Stone


Cardiac contractility modulation implants

Prof Jürgen Kuschyk


Pathophysiology of HFpEF vs HFrEF

Prof David Kaye


Workshop 1 - What’s important in a high-functioning HF service?

Prof Andrew Sindone and Mr James McVeigh



Prof Andrew Coats


Real World in-hospital HF management

A/Prof Gautam Vaddadi




Day 2 presentations:


Baroreceptor Activation Therapy

Prof Jürgen Kuschyk

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Prof Andrew Coats


Practical tips on the management of HF

Prof Andrew Sindone


Cardiac Amyloidosis

Dr Dariusz Korczyk



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